The Artist

Greetings and welcome to my homepage :)
Art has been a part of my life for as long as I have existed and thought i’d specialize myself in painting. In the past I have attended art schools and finished the art academy, but my focus has shifted greatly over time. Though I frequented art school I am mostly self-taught for everything I know. I strive to create new and interesting work, hoping to improve with every step :) Join me on my journey through the years and take a look at my finished artistic works in the gallery or follow the progress of new projects :)

Rivalmit Business Card Cat

The Art

I am an artist that likes to create art in various artistic genres as I have never really limited myself solely to a single practice. As a self-taught artist I like to experimenting with materials and always love trying out new things, finding out what I can do with it. I have worked with a variety of artistic mediums and have focused on painting for the majority of my life. It was in later years that I embraced the sculpting and mostly focused on it, but I still enjoy all art forms and love working in all of them, occasionally even taking pause from my main field of sculpting to refresh my skills in other genres.

Rivalmit with Akulatraxas Companion Sculpture