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Here you will find all the artistic pieces I offer for commission. You can choose from various categories like sculpture, paintings or digital art. When ordering, be sure to click the correct “order” button. Located next to the category you are interested in.



Not available for commission  (These pieces are reserved for special offer orders only)


Base price: 400€

The medium companions are on average around 15 cm (5.9 inch) in body height. With the tail they average around 23 cm in total (9 inch)

These sculptures are more detailed than their Mini counterparts. They are more anatomically correct with the right proportions.The medium companions are on average around 15 cm (5.9 inch) in body height. With the tail they average around 23 cm in total (9 inch)



Base price: 250€


The mini companions are thus far the smallest in the series and are on average around 9 cm (3.5 inch) in body height. With the tail they average around 15 cm in total (5.9 inch)    

 Their simpler design allows for an adorable look, one  meant to resemble cute childlike proportions. (or they can be made to look sinister :P)

Traditional Sculptures

Traditional Sculptures

The traditional sculpture can be of any size, can be made with a a simple, complicated, “camouflaged” base or without it.

The sculpture can be made out of single material, or it could be a mixed media sculpture (created with various material to achieve the desired look) 

Base price:

15 cm -400€

25 cm -500€

35 cm -650€ 

Traditional Art

Relief paintings

- Not yet available - 


The surface of the painting is sculpted in a shape and then painted either in one colour to emphasise the texture or fully coloured using the rough surface to my advantage and bring the shapes out even more :)


Scratchboard painting

Price: 55€


Simple drawings done with pencils, watercolors, pens on paper or textured background

Price: 30€

Speed paintings

Price: 55€



If there is anything you would be interested but it's not alredy in the listed categories. 

-wire trees,

-key chain pendants,


-telegram stickers,



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Terror of the Night (Traditional Sculptures)
100% Complete (done)
Black wolf [+ info inquiries] (Standard)
100% Complete (done)
FreeClaw dragon companion (Standard)
100% Complete (done)
Drian Dragon (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Raffle (Traditional Sculptures)
100% Complete (done)
pumpkin batkitty #16 (Traditional Sculptures)
100% Complete (done)
Itya + Henry (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Mimiccio Companion (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Cryptic (Standard)
100% Complete (done)
Daimonic Possession (Traditional Sculptures)
100% Complete (done)
Flower Dragon (Traditional Sculptures)
100% Complete (done)
Sergal (Standard)
100% Complete (done)
Amber & Axxis (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Telegram stickers (Drawings)
100% Complete (done)
Nights Guardian (Standard)
100% Complete (done)
reederda (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Jester Companion (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Anthro Sniper / Mini // (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Cleya mini sculpture (Mini)
100% Complete (done)
Riley Fluff (Mini)
100% Complete (done)

I offer high quality artwork, sculptures and mix media made with love and passion. We will work closely together to make your idea come to life. I like people being involved in the progress and I keep you updated step by step. I am very experienced in feral and fantastic creatures like dragons and gypthons but already did the most exotic things like robots and steampunk designs. Have a look through the completed commissions on the right or read review/testimonials of past commissions. A lot is possible - if you have any questions please ask!

Click on the "request this" button and you will find all futher instructions inside :)

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