Terms of Service


  • Commissions Requests will be accepted via the Website (rivalmit.com) when slots are opened only.. I will go through them and accept or deny them. Please do not send in request via other ways. You receive a notification via EMail You can follow the process via a personalized link. Ill post updates regularly on that link. You'll receive EMails for every update. Please make sure to check regularly.
  • You receive a notification via EMail via confirmation or denial.
  • You can follow the process via a personalized link.
  • Ill post updates regularly on that link. You'll receive EMails for every update. Please make sure to check regularly.


You may contact me to ask for a quote but please do not send payment without confirmation. A quote is not an acceptance of a commission. Keep in mind the price in a quote is subject to change over time and at later date the the price may not reflect the quote from the past. The final price will be set in on the beginning of the commission.

I reserve the right to deny any commission for any reason.


To order a commission you must be 18 years or older. Younger individuals must get permission from parents or legal guardians and have them order the commission for you

Things I will not do:

  • extreme fetishes
  • trademarked characters
  • someone else's characters (if its a gift we can figure something out)


I use Paypal as primary form of payment. Do not pay without receiving an invoice from me. All payments must be in euro (€). Other forms of payment may be discussed if necessary.
Full payment up front is preferred. You may request half payments. Half up front and paid in full in order for me to finish the commission.

Deadlines & Refunds

If the commission has a deadline you need to communicate it clearly beforehand.
A rush fee may be added if the requested deadline will be shorter than my average turnaround time for such art piece.
I'll do my best to meet the agreed deadline. If i miss it the rush fee will be refunded. If you would like to cancel the commission at this point i’ll refund minus the work and material invested so far.

As long i have not started the commission you can request a refund at any time and get refunded in full.
In case you request a cancelation / refund after I started your commission i'll charge you for the work and material invested so far and refund the rest. The same applies for commissions being cancelled because of difficulties between us of any kind that makes working together impossible.

In case I have to cancel your commission for personal reasons you'll get a full refund and, depending on the project, can keep the work that was done so far

Once the final product is delivered, a refund is not possible.


I do prefer visual references. Best would be a reference sheet and optional detail pictures. Additionally pointing out the most important details that is helpful.

If you do not have a reference ready please provide a short text describing all necessary details. I do not need a backstory but character traits might be interesting to get a full picture. Point out the relevant details I should not miss. Most projects involve sketches. If there is something not as you liked please point out early.

Be specific if you want to have something specific. Point out where you would like me having artistic freedom and make sure to communicate everything that is important for you.

Mistakes & Changes

Please point out any mistake you spot in the process immediately. Do not assume “that will be fixed/changed”. When pointed out early mistakes can usually be fixed without much problem.

Changes that are needed because of details that were not communicated beforehand might introduce additional cost.
Changes that are needed cause of details that were communicated but I failed in honoring them will be fixed for free


After a request was sent in , if you do not respond to the initial approval of the commission within 3 days of time, I may attempt to contact you via email. If no response is done within the next 3 days. the commission request will be terminated.
If the commission is already in progress and the commissioner stops responding for unknown reasons I may try to make contact via other websites, provided I know your accounts. If I receive no reply I’ll put the commission on hold for you for a duration of one year from the moment of last contact. After that the commission will be considered canceled/abandoned and will not be refunded. Exceptionally partial refund might be possible if the invested work can be otherwise used for personal projects


  • You may post photos of your commission on your social media but please include the link to the original post with proper credit.
  • You may make prints of digital artwork for personal use only.
  • You may not use my work for commercial purposes unless it was otherwise agreed in a written text.
  • I reserve all copyrights of the artwork. This includes commercial rights. If you do not wish your character being involved in commercial processes you have to state this in the process and have this acknowledged by me.
  • I reserve the right to use any portion of the work for advertisement purpose (for example but not limited to: posting to my website, social media, galleries,...).


When a client contacts me for work, they agree that my TOS supersedes any TOS the client might have

By sending payment, you are agreeing to all above terms!

Big Dragon Companion SculptureBig Dragon Companion Sculpture