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This page shows the public commission progress for Joe Cranford. Most updates are public so you can follow how this artwork was brought to life.

Public Comments


Engines are fired and he stands on his own. Sooo close to completion! :D

this has so many details :O and there are a few more things to go like the spikes and coloring :)


Attaching the wings, removing them and repositioning them again XD Alsao all the details of the hands and yet with so many details it's so hard to see progress XD

I like how the wings came out here even though I had to remove them once. And it's amazing with so much progress how little it's actually noticeable because of the
mechanical details :P But! Here is finally the progress of this one ^^


There is so much tiny details here. And sooo much to go X_x

wellp this is a super slow process because of all the parts :O


you know, mechanical parts are always the hardest to get right XD

here it is, I'll be needing to do this slowly in layers to not accidentaly sqush previously done work :P


Base noodle body of a new life!

a bit slow progress as I anticipated it to be but here is the first part of the sculpture ^^