Riley Fluff

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This page shows the public commission progress for Jendays. Most updates are public so you can follow how this artwork was brought to life.

Public Comments


Finished! Click to see the result!

Riley Fluff commission  sculpture companions balance dragon commission
Riley Fluff commission

And we are done :O

Been a while with the holidays in the way, but here he is all done and colored. I swear I found my color enemy cause it was actually really hard getting that shade XD

Let me know what you think :)


the fur

there are two colores of purple as I ran out of original mixture but it makes not much difference as I'll have to paint this one to achieve the correct color. I could not for the life of me achieve the briliant purple with clay alone TuT


tiny dragon

here he is at this stage. at first I thought the head tilt will be more prominent but I'll fix that and add a far more noticable angle :)
And the face looks a bit creepish like always with sculpts at this stage XD