Flower Dragon

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This page shows the public commission progress for Arimah. Most updates are public so you can follow how this artwork was brought to life.

Public Comments

by guest 14.05.2020

Finished! Click to see the result!

Flower dragoness sculpture commission traditional dragon anthropomorphic
Flower dragoness

dragoness colored and done

All painted :D I always keep forgetting just how hard it really is to actually color in all the spaces when you have to work at an awkward angle just to get the brush in the right possition. ... this is why I preffer to work with colored clay, to at least have the basic colors down XD

I did end up doing a repaint once cause I mixed the colors too dark XD


Redy for coloring!

Painting to go :D and the flowers of course ^^
She came out looking really pretty too. and the scales killed my hand XD


torso detailing

here is the next update. I think I got most of the body sculpted and it's up to the details there. Next stop, the hands and the head :)



there is still quite a few things I need to correct before I get the proportions down correct but here is the current state of things :)



here is 4 possibilites. I guess some relaxed poses were what you imagined? despite there being a log/tree stump in all of them they can easily be replaced by a rock. I tried sketching in both rock and stump in the upper left one indicated by different color ^^

another option to have a more open pose would be the top left having the right hand down braced againt the trunk, head heigh and the left hand reaching towards the side of her face maybe fixing a flower crown or something :)