Guardian of Wonder

#sculpture #commission #artwork

This page shows the public commission progress for Array. Most updates are public so you can follow how this artwork was brought to life.

Public Comments


Here we go, so very nearly finished. I noticed that I didn't do the colored glowy paws yet ^^'

as for the texture, I added some with my scale stamp ^^ at this stage it was the best option I think.
Sorry about that, I usually go off main reference as the concrete base, since in other people art it can be quite a range of textures appearing or be without. I cant be sure with multiple images form different artists where individual artistic interpretation happens and what is supposed to be true character design.
So if the main reference looks smooth I stick to that since I don't know if I should be adding extra ^^' Maybe good to have it mentioned to artists, or perhaps having a texture example added for the scales in a reference? :)
But! Did add what I could and I hope this makes it better :)


I think only the paint job is left to go ^^
the head came out looking a bit bigger than it's supposed to, I hope that is not too off the mark :O


very large wings for this boy ^^