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This page shows the public commission progress for Array. Most updates are public so you can follow how this artwork was brought to life.

Public Comments


Finished! Click to see the result!

Naut sculpture dragon furry anthropomorphic mythology art traditional

All done :D

here is the base all done, painted and plants added.
Hope I could capture the forest floor look of the base :) Took a while but it's done ^^


first steaps of the base

okay dokay, this took some time before all the layers were dry and redy for painting. Also, making the tree covered floor without actually making the trees and still making it feel like there is a forest is trickier than I though XD but I hope this does it's job :) off finishing the paint job and the rest of the plants/moss.


The coloring

I had some fun working with the subtle shades on this one. It makes the sculpture more realistic and also to avoid any visible patterning, I added the blue on the back in a very smoky spread effect. Turns out it can be wuite fun figuring out the color layout. Also it can very quickly send you in to experimentation a little too much and possibly ruin what you were doing XD


here is where the color comes in


Detail shots

now comes the part where there does not appear to be much progress in the time invested but it's there :D


Watch you! sexy boy coming through!

I'm really enjoying this one. Even with it's very simple pose he's still very much alive. sometimes less is more indeed :D
Building up the muscles slowly can very quickly get you to make a mistake and you have to predict where to start and how far to build up. mostly because you spend stearing at a certain shape for so long you get too used to it and don't see how it should be any more :O

Also as I mentioned before, paper clay is sooo messy to work with :O but regardless I find myself loving paper mache clay as much as I did all those years back.


first layer

Here's the first layer that needs to be done. My god, though paper mache is great durable material from my experience I forgot what utter mess it is to work with DX