Desk companion Iguana

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Phew, this was an interesting experience. This is a Iguana desk companion commission for a person from DA

I sure had my share of fun and frustration with this one, so much so that a part of me is saying "I wont be doing a reptile again any time soon" and another part is saying "but it was so much fun and new experiences, I want to do another!" XD

He has his own little stand to stand on. It is balanced so it can sit on the stand and requires no additional support. Just as the others, this one is not attached to the stand and can just as easily sit on your hand if picked up. You can even freely walk around with no fear of him falling from your hand.

sculpture companion iguana Desk companion Iguana

sculpture companion iguana Desk companion Iguana


brandon mccullar sonar the dutch angel dragon commented 1 year ago
versaviper commented 2 years ago
hmmmmm, can you try doing a eastern dragon? plus this is REALY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!