Companion semi mini

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1. Hmm set the size option on the camera to the smallest size
2. Think what a great way to make my life easier for not needing to resize them later :D
3. watch me bang my head into my desk when I realise just how bad of a move that was 8(
4. Use the small version photos anyway, because I'm too lazy to take another round :D

Anyway, here is a semi mini companion. This one is larger than other minis but not quite as big as normal companions
He/She has his/her own little stand to stand on. It is balanced so it can sit on the stand and requires no additional support. Just as the others, this one is not attached to the stand and can just as easily stand on your hand if picked up. You can even freely walk around with no fear of it falling from your hand.

sculpture companion mouse cat  Companion semi mini


Balagos commented 5 years ago
xD, cool story though! pictures looking great though :P