Karukuji and Nachtschwinge companions

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Project Documentation available

You can check out how this piece was made by clicking the Picture!

The piece belongs to a line of balanced sculptures called The Companions. 
It has its own little stand to stand on. It is balanced so it stands on it's leg and requires no additional support. Infact it is not attached to the stand and can just as easily stand on your hand if picked up.


This was really tricky to do, even if it may not really look like it at first glance. these sculptures can stand individually or together in a hug. :) and geetting the balance for each to be just right. And another big chalenge was the blue reflecting shine on Nachtschwinge. Luckily I had the right pigmetns on hand to replicate the effect, but it was still a tricky thing to pull off for someone who never tried doing this. applying an even coat was crutial to have a consistent effect :)

Characters belong to karukuji&nachtschwinge

dragon sculpture companion commission Karukuji and Nachtschwinge companions


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