Chakat Blacktail Companion

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Project Documentation available

You can check out how this piece was made by clicking the Picture!

The piece belongs to a line of balanced sculptures called The Companions. 
It has its own little stand to stand on. It is balanced so it stands on it's leg and requires no additional support. Infact it is not attached to the stand and can just as easily stand on your hand if picked up.
 Character belong to tobi3B tobi3B 


On rare occasions I get commissions of 2 characters in a single sculpt. this one is one of them :) in all the excitement seeing this one be done, neither me nor the commissioner noticed I completely forgot about adding the tiger strypes. It was only noticed once the sculpt was allready in the commissioners hands. How in the world we both did not see that is beyond me XD

But he happily painted the stripes on her himself and so was the sculpture finally truly finished :)
Some line art was offered as compensation for forgetting such a big detail ^^'

tiger centaur sculpture companion commission balaning Chakat Blacktail Companion


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