Arcanum - Soar on the memorys lost to time

#sculpture #art #tiger #machine #wings #plane #davinci

Project Documentation available

You can check out how this piece was made by clicking the here!

This one was really fun to make. especially since I indulged in some old plane construction. it may not seem so from my previous work but I'm absolutely fascinated with inner construction of objects and seeing it. Don't know why, but I love it ^^ 
It's far from it being a functional realistic thing though XD Also, the flying in the sky pictures were also fun to make since it fit the concept so perfectly 

There was a minor misshap with it on EF but I took it home, fixed it and sent him on his way to his new owner :)

  Rotation photos & edited by: Akulatraxas Akulatraxas

sculpture art tiger machine wings plane davinci Arcanum - Soar on the memorys lost to time


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