After each commission i ask my customers for an optional testemonial / review of my services. Its used as part of the feedback process so i can improve further. If they vote to make it public those reviews will be displayed here so you get an impression of the service.

sculpture commission artwork Falindrith
Rivalmit was a delight to work with from start to finish! Was provided with plenty of design options from my initial idea (all fantastic), and was kept up to date with progress pictures throughout the process. Shipping was fast and the sculpture was very safely packaged. Would definitely come back for another piece :) - Falindrith, 24.06.2024
sculpture commission artwork Tektha
Working with Rivalmit was great! All of the updates and original poses were amazing. And of course the statue itself came in looking perfect - the amount of time and care to wrap the statue so it would arrive in one piece was astounding! - Tektha, 23.06.2024
sculpture commission artwork
It was fantastic working with Rivalmit, with friendly and quick responses. When working on the sculpture there were nice and frequent progress updates from start to finish. The resulting sculpture turned out absolutely fantastic and I would love to commission again in the future! - , 27.04.2024
sculpture commission artwork Riven
Rivalmit has been an absolute joy to work with! With the initial planning and the updates on the work, she was always professional while communicating, and was always understanding and amenable to my thoughts and desires for the piece. The work itself shows a great deal of detail and care put into the piece, I could genuinely not be more happy about the final result! I look forward to seeing much more of Rivalmit's work, and hope to be able to commission her again in the future! - Riven, 04.12.2023
comic commission artwork dragon Kim, Tom, Irma, Luke, Lucy
As always, Rivalmit was a delight to work with on a complex project like a multi-page comic. Her ability to create expressive emotions in inhuman facial and body language is superb! You always know just how these dragons feel with just a glance. A true professional, Rivalmit was responsive to my feedback and fully engaged in the development process. I am thrilled with the final product and can most sincerely recommend her for whatever project you might have in mind. Thank you so much once again, Rivalmit! - Kim, Tom, Irma, Luke, Lucy, 25.11.2023
sculpture commission artwork Drakanecia
Ive been following Rivalmit for a few years already and been wanting a companion from them for quite a while so i was very excited when i finally got the occasion to commission them to make my dragon character into one of these impressive balanced sculptures ! There was many poses to choose from and seeing my character taking shape with each update was super cool ! The attention of detail is crazy and when a correction were needed it was done fast and smoothly. The package came in quite fast with the sculpture safely contained in alot of cushioning and bubble wrapping. The final product looks impressive and bigger than i tough, especially with the bigger wings upgrade which really gives the wow effect ! My character have quite intricate and complex markings on her wings yet they are done with such a precision that is mind blowing, even the gradients where perfectly made ! So if you're looking for an artist to bring your character into our world then Rivalmit is a very good choice ! - Drakanecia, 07.08.2023
sculpture commission artwork Aetherios
As always the experience has been absolutely great. I really did enjoy the chance to once more work with you. Also I would love to work with you on many many more projects as it's always a blast and I could not be happier with he results of this very professional and masterfully drawn pieces. I love what the drawings turned out to and you have captured the energy of the moment, the feeling of the flights, the size, the mass, the momentum and dynamic of the scenes displayed in such awesome ways again. Also I do love what I am looking like in your style and how you are drawing the anatomy of us dragons in general and on myself especially. Very very well done and absolutely brilliant experience as usual. You are one of my most favourite dragon artists there are for good reasons.
I love the drawings and I could be happier with them..which also goes for the very professional, friendly, and just great experience on working with you.
Thanks a thousand times once more.

-Aetherios - Aetherios, 28.07.2023
sculpture commission artwork Muzafr
It's always a pleasure working with RivalMit! The process from start to finish is streamlined, with plenty of communication and WIPs along the way! Correspondence is quick, professional, and kind, and the finished result is always spectacular! 10/10 commissioning experience with a 10/10 artist! - Muzafr, 11.07.2023
sculpture commission artwork fox Joy the Foxdeer Joy (character belongs to Flutti)
Working with Rivalmit was a very nice experience from the first contact to the end.
Communication always was fast and polite. Any special request (like keeping a project secret etc) was fully honored and met with great understanding. I got a great amount of WIP pictures so I was always up to date with the progress and could have given critique - which wasn't necessary tho as everything went perfectly smooth.
The final companion turned out awesome, the level of detail is stunning and shows so much love for the work! Since this was a gift, I can happily report that it was more than well received and caused some tears of joy. :)
Shipping was swift and the packaging more than sufficient for a safe transport; a lovely bonus is the small instructions manual which comes as a small, illustrated booklet. :) - Joy (character belongs to Flutti), 15.01.2023
sculpture commission artwork dragon  Aiwendil
It all started on EF20. (If I am not wrong). There I saw the sculptures of Rivalmit in the art show. I will never forget that Rivalmit balanced one of them on my hand. I was afraid that I would break something. She told me that the sculptures are very stable. And so everything took its course.

It took me a surprising amount of time to draw my refsheet. But then in autumn 2019 I have got a commission slot. I was so happy.
After telling her my idea, we discussed the feasibility. Later there were also some questions here and there that we continuously discussed in a chat on her page. (Sometimes she also had to wait a "little" for my answers. I'm sorry for that). The comunication was always very friendly and constructive. She also showed me a lot of great wip pictures. And I mean A LOT. It was impressive to see how the 2D refsheet slowly became a 3D Dragon sculpture. This way I was able to follow the process of creating live.
I couldn't have imagined the finished dragon figure more beautifully. Rivalmit created the dragon almost identical to my idea that I had in my mind. This is really impressive.
She didn't overlook even the smallest details. And my refsheet is full of it.
Since the sculpture is very large, the transport became a little more complicated. But after a few tests that was also successful. The dragon was also extremely well packaged and padded.

I am very, very happy
(Unfortunately I can't tell you in my language how much I like the Dragon and also liked working with you. But I would do it again for sure). - Aiwendil, 10.01.2023
sculpture commission artwork Kya
Très belle expérience, merci beaucoup ! - Kya, 07.12.2022
sculpture commission artwork stone wolf Flup
Getting a commission from Rivalmit was one of the most professional experiences I've had with any artist so far! Excellent communication with a lot of updates along the way through a nice custom website system with e-mail notifications. I got dozens of photos of sculpture WIP from different angles and I could also follow the process which is something I love to do when commissioning artists - seeing how they create art is to me part of the experience and with Rivalmit it felt like I could really watch every step. I also can't believe how quick the whole process was - from paying to getting the final sculpture delivered by mail (in the safest wrapping I've probably ever seen). Overall I'm extremely happy with the final piece, it looks way better than I could've even imagined! - Flup, 12.11.2022
dragon commission artwork Karen
Always a pleasure to work with Rivalmit! Great work, Fair prices, and prompt communication! I'll be getting more tin the future! - Karen, 31.10.2022
commission artwork dragon furry  Skellio
Rivalmit is someone listening, open to the suggestions and about the things I had to say, and she don't hesitate to try different tracks, seeking to concretize what I had in mind ; with great success !
It was really something, and the result is worthy : that's a beautiful art we have here, in my opinion, with some beautiful colors, a simple but awesome background and the characters who are splendid, I cannot tell anything less than that !
This was a great journey, and perhaps I will came back at another time, we will see ; in the meantime, and even without this, you can know that you have an artist who you can trust here, that's a ceertitude. :) - Skellio, 27.10.2022
sculpture commission artwork Kim
Another lovely scene done for me by the indispensable Rivalmit. Capturing just as I'd hoped the moment one member of a family took flight, much to the surprise of the rest and maybe even herself. The colors were a delight! - Kim, 18.10.2022
sculpture commission artwork Kim and Tom
As always it was a pleasure to work with Rivalmit on yet another project. During the project she was so good about listening to my ideas and producing several possibilities based upon my written descriptions. Including me every step of the way to ensure we arrived at a final image that met my expectations and showed her amazingly versatile capabilities. Loved it! - Kim and Tom, 18.10.2022
drawing commission artwork tiger  Sherry Khanny
Working with Rivalmit was a charm.
Communication was smooth and easy.
The work was done fast and the result exceeded all my expectations.
Really love the way my commission was handled and how amazingly it turned out.
Highly recommended and am also looking forward to working with him again in the future! - Sherry Khanny, 19.09.2022
traditional art  sculpture  Holyndra
Im absolutely amazed of the whole process. Super nice service, frindly and up to date.
Im so in love with this little figur of my holyndra Eirene. So detailed, cute and absolutely beatiful. She comes n fast and safe.
Thank you so much again <3 - Holyndra, 20.03.2022
comic commission artwork dragon transformation Kim, Tom
Working with Rivalmit to bring this comic to life had been nothing but a joy. With her work ethic and amazing imagination this huge project possible and left me overwhelmingly thrilled with the final outcome. The level of creativity she showed and her willingness to listen to my input along the way couldn't have made me happier with how everything turned out. If you are looking for the consummate professional to work with on a large and complex undertaking you have come to the right artist. - Kim, Tom, 22.02.2022
sculpture commission artwork demon man magic myth Yakobar & Yachalis, the warlock & the demon who possesses him.
Working with Rivalmit is always a great experience. Communication is professional, creative collaboration sheer bliss and the outcome spectacular. She worked from my design; a 2D picture of both characters, and produced a perfect 3D sculpture even mimicking my style which is significantly different to what she usually does. Even when I made small mistakes along the way, she corrected them with angel's patience. Always recommended, great service and absolutely fair price for the detailed high quality work you receive in the end. - Yakobar & Yachalis, the warlock & the demon who possesses him. , 30.06.2021
sculpture commission artwork
Excellent quality of the product.
Process was simply great, with updates being quite regular, and excellent support. I didn't know anything about sculptures and was looking for a gift for my companion, so finding Rivalmit was probably the best option I could wish for. I am more than satisfied and also more than willing to order new sculptures from them.

11/10. ~ - , 25.07.2020
sculpture commission artwork dragon FreeClaw
I've been following Rivalmit's work for a few years now so I had high expectations but I was still blown over with how well everything went. The process was professional all the way through; we decided on a pose for the sculpture after I provided the reference for my character and she kept me up to date with frequent progress updates. Watching the sculpture come to life was amazing, and I love how she recreated all of the details of my character.

I was incredibly excited when the package arrived, feeling relieved when I saw that there was as much care put in the packaging as in the sculpture. My lil dragon was wrapped in a cocoon several layers thick so no harm could come to it. Even the handling guide that came with it was professional, a small booklet containing charming illustrations answered any remaining questions I still had regarding the safe handling of the sculpture.

I am overjoyed with the sculpture. Even after first seeing these balancing sculptures at Eurofurence many years ago I was still impressed with how big, lightweight and well balanced mine was. The colors are absolutely stunning in natural light and the little dragon has this warm gaze that feels like it follows you around. I can gush about him for hours but suffice to say I am extremely happy and will cherish and protect him, and I can highly recommend Rivalmit to anyone considering a sculpture of their own! - FreeClaw, 11.07.2020
sculpture artwork dragon wedding twin Exodite & Zyleeth
My experience with Rivalmit was outstanding! They were extremely polite and accommodating. I could tell that they really listened and understood exactly what I was looking for in sculpture composition and character detail. Absolutely would commission again! - Exodite & Zyleeth, 21.11.2019
sculpture commission artwork dragon furry flower process anthro Arimah
Rivalmit has been nothing but delightful to work with, from the first few sketches to the finished work of art. Many pictures from many angles were provided, making it very easy to see what was going on. Communication was pleasant, friendly and professional. There was no problem getting my idea across, and the few notes I had were received well. The packaging was excellent as well, ensuring even the tiny flowers survived without the smallest scratch.

The idea was executed flawlessly; the detailing is gorgeous; pose and anatomy and colours are all perfectly on point. The resulting sculpture is of extremely high quality, and is so beautiful I kind of wish I could carry with me and show it to everyone.

I’m beyond happy to now have my very own genuine Rivalmit sculpture. - Arimah, 19.06.2019
sculpture commission artwork dragon raffle companion mini reederda
Rivalmit has been wonderful to work with. Throughout the whole process she provided regular updates with photos, and was very understanding and willing to make small changes based on feedback.
The sculpture arrived incredibly well-protected, and when seeing it up close I can tell that much care and effort was put into its construction. I'm super pleased with the results, and will recommend Rivalmit to anyone! - reederda, 15.03.2019
sculpture commission artwork furry cat  Cleya
Ever since I saw Rivalmits table in the Eurofurence art show, I've wanted to own one of these amazingly crafted sculptures for myself. When I saw Rivalmit would be opening for commissions soon, I jumped at the opportunity to get my sona turned into a lovely sculpture. And to my surprise I got picked for a slot! I was so happy and excited.

The process of creating the sculpture and its stand went very smoothly. I gave Rivalmit some reference pictures for my stand and they went from there, executing it perfectly. All my demands for the character sculpture itself where also met. I could not be happier with how she turned out.

She finally arrived one morning, a bit unexpected but that was okay^^ She was carefully wrapped and packaged to prevent her from damaging. Holding her for the first time was absolutely wonderful. All her little details where spot on.

Thank you so much Rivalmit for creating my little girl! I will take good care of her and treasure her forever.
Thank you again!<3

Cleya Dinocat

- Cleya, 24.02.2019
sculpture commission artwork Jester
Working with Rivalmit was a wonderful experience. Communication was great and I love the WIP updates. I love how the sculpture turned out and I hope to commission them again in the future! - Jester, 18.02.2019
sculpture commission artwork Riiley
Communication was great, and was extremely pleasant. Very nice quality and very much worth the process of waiting as you see your character come to life. And to be quite honest I can't think of a single negative thing to say. It was packed well, tracked. Positive customer experience. And it's 11/10 quality. I'll probably try and come back with another character in the future! I love my Sculptor and I loved working with Rivalmit! - Riiley, 31.01.2019
sculpture commission artwork dragon wyvern companion Morghus
Rivalmit was an absolute pleasure to commission.

She sketched multiple poses for me to choose from and gave very detailed and frequent updates once she started working on the sculpture. It was very interesting to watch the progress and at each step I was able to provide feedback and request changes. She even went the extra mile when I asked for a change after it was nearly complete, which I appreciate greatly!

Packaging was excellent and it took me a while to unpack it, but it was very secure and arrived in pristine condition, even though the box had been damaged quite a bit in the long journey across the globe.

The material of the sculpture appears to be a bit rubbery, which seems to be able to endure some stress and abuse (which I haven't put to test of course), but I have no doubt that it'll stay in pristine condition for many years given the proper care. - Morghus, 30.11.2018
sculpture commission artwork wolf traditional fur art Luna
The whole thing was easy and effective. Questions were answered, feedback considered, which led to a final product I am thrilled to receive. She was patient and professional the entire time, while still staying friendly and approachable as well. - Luna, 15.11.2018
dragon  commission couple gift
The little love dragons arrived their new home save. Our friends are very much in love with the two Mini-"Them".

It was a great pleasure working with you. Communication went all smooth and the WIP page is a gread way to exchange information, pictures and comments. Perfect!
We'd love to commission you with something personal for us in the future. - , 04.09.2018
sculpture commission artwork Karukuji and Nachtschwinge
That was the most pleasing experience i ever had, getting a commissioned art piece. Communication throughout whole process, frequent updates, swift respond time and, the most important, high quality result with all wishes taken into account!

Highly recommend Rivalmit if you wish a lovely and life-like sculpture for yourself ^^ - Karukuji and Nachtschwinge, 23.06.2018
sculpture commission artwork Damascus
My experience working with you was extremely pleasant! You were quite to respond and you kept me updated on your progress, with many pictures! I loved the titles on the comments it added a silly and personal touch too it! Overall I’d definitely be back for another if I get the chance!!! - Damascus , 08.03.2018
sculpture commission artwork  dragon furry bho alien balanced companion  Bloodhound Omega
The work with Rivalmit was an amazing journey for me; from the first scribbles for the figurine till the tingling in my tummy during unboxing. She was ever so patient, quick to respond to any kind of question or input and paying incredibly much attention to detail. She was patient, friendly and professional, often putting so much more work into the figure than was asked for. She leaves me a happy customer, who saw a piece of her headworld brought to live in a completely breathtaking way. <3 - Bloodhound Omega, 04.01.2018
sculpture commission artwork angeldragon dragon balanced companion furry Puk
Working with Rivalmit was amazing! Very fast (in my opinion!) and the quality was amazing. Allot of detail in such a small sculpture.

100/10 would reccomend!

I made a video with all the details and info here! :
https://youtu.be/-kzf_qaUHbI - Puk, 04.12.2017
sculpture commission dragon blue baby hatchling balanced companion  furry Killercod
My little dragon has been completed, dispatched and arrived safely and i was ever so glad to see him turn up!
Rivalmit was a pleasure to work with, always happy to answer questions as well as give updates if required, The level of work/detail is fantastic and made to a high quality. Turn around was very quick considering and all in all i'd recommend her work to anyone! - Killercod, 25.11.2017
sculpture commission artwork fox furry balanced companion  Pur3Bolt
Very pleasant experience and nice working with Rival. Extremely happy with how it turned out! :3 - Pur3Bolt, 16.11.2017
sculpture commission artwork balanced companion  tiger centaur cat  furry Chakat Blacktail
First of Marvelous work and love it
Each step documented with pictures and always asked if anything needs to be changed
Only positive feedback from me
I´m completly satisfied with the result - Chakat Blacktail, 13.10.2017
sculpture commission artwork balanced companion  dragon  Rasha
I was excited when I saw the first pose sketches, we quickly came to the final visualization after discussing what was possible to do. The update-rate was good as well, I didnt expect to see so many WIPs. Also the website and way of communication were a good way to keep up. The figure itself and craft-skill is undoubtedly astonishing, I am more than happy to have a desk companion by my side now. The shipping was convincingly well done, given that it took me 25 minutes to carefully unwrap the cocoon my dragon came in. 10/10 would recommend i absolutely love it. - Rasha, 06.05.2017
sculpture commission artwork balanced companion  dragon winged dutch angel DAD Sniper
Rival was great to work with! They were very kind throughout the entire commissioning process and answered every question I had. They also provided many, many WIPs, which was very exciting to see my characters coming to life! I was absolutely thrilled with the final products - Rival captured my characters beautifully, and I display them proudly. 10/10, & can't wait to commission again! - Sniper, 21.03.2017
sculpture commission artwork balanced companion yellow dragon male  Cyrakhis

Super easy to work with, A+ quality and customer service from beginning to end. Never an issue with communication when asked, no sort of attitude issue in the slightest. It is very apparent that Rivalmit puts a great deal of pride into her work and relationship with her customers.

Final product was exactly as I expected and shipped in a manner to protect the finished piece very well - the box was mangled by the postal service, yet the sculpt itself had not a single mark on it. Small things matter, and this one was a hallmark of a consummate pro.

Highly recommend Rivalmit for your sculpture needs! - Cyrakhis, 11.02.2017
sculpture commission artwork traditional robot alien  Rasend Moores
My interactions with Rivalmit have been truly stellar.
They have been a pleasure to work with from the get-go of the project, and I was happy that they took on the challenge of my project to begin with. They started by giving me many sketches to choose from for my sculptures pose, and we came to an agreement on one I liked. Their customer service is incredible, constantly keeping me updated and asking me for feedback, showing WIPs every time they made a little more progress. The final product came out beautifully, even for their first time at something like this, hes extremely well built and looks amazing as a centerpiece on my shelf. The colours are perfect, the artist clearly has an eye for detail. He was sent to me extremely well packaged and arrived within decent time. I cannot recommend this artist enough. 10/10 work. - Rasend Moores, 03.02.2017